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About Us

Ever wanted an artist at your side to help talk you through projects? Someone to explain specific painting and drawing techniques, and come up with creative ideas?

Well now you can, with Brushstrokes.TV!

Our online TV channel is devoted to your favourite hobby. Brushstrokes.TV is full of workshops and demonstrations you won’t want to miss.

Brushstrokes.TV is one of the family of websites owned by Ashdown Broadcasting, the thriving, independent company that has been producing specialist hobby magazines across the world for more than 25 years.

The films are packed full of creative ideas and inspiration. Once you join you can watch any film at any time, however many times you want. Our presenters are all experts in their field, and will take you through all the stages of a project in easy steps.

New films are being added all the time from our studios in West Sussex, England, as well as our studios in Kasson, Minnesota. This means that Brushstrokes.TV has a unique mix of workshops and features from artistic experts in the UK and the US. There’s nowhere else you can find such a wonderful combination of talent at your side, helping you through creative techniques and demonstrations. Brushstrokes.TV is all about having fun together!

You’ll find plenty to enjoy whether you’re an advanced artist or just starting out. New films are being added every month, so you can take a workshop in your home every day of the week. Plus, we’ve got interviews with top artists, show and studio visits, and much, more.

And all of our films are DVD quality so you can watch them at full-screen. It’s just like watching the TV! So don't miss out on the new channel that everyone's talking about. Art has never been so easy, and never been so much fun!


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