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Frequently Asked Questions

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What is streaming IPTV?

Video streaming is where you watch television content that "stream"’ to your computer from a server over the Internet. Unlike satellite, cable, or digital TV, the encoded TV signal goes via the phone lines. High speed internet connectivity means high quality streaming. You can’t squeeze high quality down a modem. You will need a broadband connection and an up-to-date PC or Mac.

Flash Player

Our films on Brushstrokes.TV are streamed through the world-renowned Flash Media Player. Most computers have this already installed, but we do recommend you have the latest version. You can download the latest version free of charge from the Adobe website: http://www.adobe.com/products/flashplayer/
You will need a broadband connection to view our films. We stream all our films at three different quality settings, and the speed of your connection will determine which setting your computer automatically plays. The faster your connection, the better the quality we can give you.

High Definition

If you have a fast computer and a fast broadband connection you will be able to take full advantage of our high definition broadcasts.
Just look for the HD logo on a particular film, and click on it to watch in wonderful high definition.

Can I watch IPTV on my TV?

IPTV is mainly watched via computers (both PC and Mac) but there is nothing to stop you from connecting IPTV streams to your TV, plasmas, projectors, or other devices.
Soon users will be able to access IPTV direct from their TV sets via major TV platforms.

How do I view in full-screen?

To view a video in full screen mode, simply click on the film you'd like to watch and click the full screen button located on the right at the bottom of the TV player. As you hover over the button, you'll see it turn white. Once you click the button, the video will be displayed in full-screen. To return to normal size press the same button again or "Esc" on your keyboard.

How do I search for films?

The easiest way to search for a film is using the keyword search on the right side of the page on Brushstrokes.TV. You can also click the links to view films by series or a handy A-Z list of all films on the site.

How do I sign up for Brushstrokes.TV?

You can join Brushstrokes.TV by signing up online or calling us at our offices. And as soon as you join you have access to our fast-growing collection of films. A year’s subscription is only £29.50 or $45!

Click here to sign up online at our online store, HobbyWorld.TV.
Or call us on 01903 884988 (UK) or 507-634-3143 (US).
After you have subscribed you will get access that very day to watch any of the channels and all films at their full length. All you need to do is sign in using your email address and the password you gave us when you subscribed. The "Sign In" bar is next to the main Brushstrokes.TV logo near the top of the page. There is a "Forgot Your Password?" link if you can't remember your password, where you can put in your email address and we will email it to you.

Problems viewing?

All over the world there are many brands, makes, and types of PCs and Macs, and all have different configurations and connect via a variety of Internet connections. We strive at all times to ensure that users can watch us no matter what their system setup. Here are the answers to our most common problems.

Is your film jamming or freezing? The player should refresh and begin playing the video again. If you constantly get a “buffering” message then ensure that you don’t have lots of other programs running on your machine. Also try switching to a lower stream, located at the lower left corner of the video player. Are you using a wireless network? If you are experiencing streaming issues, it is also recommended to shut down your computer, switch from a wireless connection to a direct cable connection into the PC/Mac, and then reboot the computer.

Why is there no sound on my PC/Mac?

This is a tricky one, but usually sound problems would be caused by incorrect codecs or a possible driver update that is needed for the individual's hardware.
Often though it can be just a simple case of switching the speakers on or turning the volume up, yes really!
One thing to try is to see if a user can view other sites. Try visiting www.youtube.com or www.bbc.co.uk and see whether you get sound.

Or try the following:
If you can see the video, but not the audio or the other way around:
Try clicking the mute-on/off icon on the player. Sometimes although it may appear that mute is “off” it needs to be clicked as the mute is in fact “on”. Sound waves next to the speaker symbol indicate whether mute is on or off.
The volume control is set to 50% by default. Try turning the volume up using the slider.

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