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Lyn Bedford-White

What artist and tutor Lyn lacks in stature she makes up for in ability. Her preference is to work in watercolour, but she is just as happy with soft pastels, pencils, and acrylics and does so with students at her weekly art classes and workshops. Learn more at www.bedford-white-art.co.uk.

Margaret Berry

The art of encaustics is an ancient form that has been passed down for generations, and artist Margaret Berry has chosen it as her primary source of artist expression. Essentially painting with wax, encausitic painting can be adapted and used to suit many needs. Margaret walks you through the process here on Brushstrokes.TV.

Jeff Bolin

Jeff Bolin is inspired by the beauty of life that surrounds him every day, and enjoys capturing that life in his acrylic paintings from portraits to still lifes to landscapes. His work is featured in many local galleries, including the “Art in the Sky” movement of his native Rochester, Minnesota, as huge skyway murals. View his work at http://web.me.com/jeffbolin/fineart/welcome.html.

Barbara Bruns

A fine art framer by profession, Barbara Bruns owns a custom framing shop that also serves as her workshop, a studio for her own pastels and oil paintings, a gallery for many local artists, and even a small library and place of relaxation for her neighbors. Barb served in the armed forces for many years and now enjoys the challenge of balancing her meticulous left brain and her creative right brain on a daily basis.

Nick Collister

A technical illustrator on an Apple Mac by day; by night Nick Collister thinks nothing of spending a whole evening just drawing a dog’s eye. Such is the life and loves of a pet portrait artist and member of the UK Coloured Pencil Society. Learn more at www.ukcps.co.uk.

Gayle Dahl

Gayle Dahl is an acrylic Folk Art painter and jewelry artist from Minnesota who is active in the local arts community. Gayle perfectly captures the warm simplicity of the Folk Art style in her many commissioned paintings, including a series of painted sculptures that adorn the streets of Rochester, Minnesota.

Jane Denman

Jane’s work is based on ink pen drawings that have a very distinctive "illustrative" style. She also employs digital media to create prints and new drawings, which form the basis for her oil paintings--small and supersized. Learn more at www.janedenman.com.

Caitlin Donahue

While still a high school student, Caitlin is far wise beyond her years in her artistic eye and aptitude for teaching. She teaches not only drawing lessons here on Brushstrokes.TV, but also introduces viewers to the wonders of the copic marker, a Japanese medium that delivers watercolor-like results. Caitlin is the daughter of Tine Donahue, another featured Brushstrokes.TV artist. View her work at www.takenflyght.deviantart.com.

Tine Donahue

Tine Donahue is actually new to the fine arts world, but you would never guess it from the professionalism and exact beauty of her mixed media paintings. Inspired by nature and animals especially, Tine often incorporates watercolors with charcoal or pencil elements. Tine also excels in a variety of other mediums, including sculpture, wireworking, and jewelry designs.

Joan Finnegan

Joan Finnegan is first and foremost an arist en plen air. She is inspired by the rolling bluffs and gorgeous colors of her hometown in Southeastern Minnesota. A advocate for painting outdoors no matter your style or medium, Joan shares her passion for light and color her on Brushstrokes.TV. View more of her work at www.jonifinnegan.com.

Stephen Hawkins

An oils expert, Stephen is also an accomplished equestrian and countryside painter. He has exhibited at the Royal Society of Equestrian Artists and at various exhibitions around England. Stephen's work is now highly collectable and sells regularly from galleries across the UK and USA. Learn more at www.stephenhawkinsart.co.uk.

Karen LeQuia

Karen LeQuia’s preferred style of painting is Sumi-e, an ancient Japanese art form that accentuates the beautiful brushstroke of a natural brush. While deeply rooted in history, Karen also enjoys adapting the ancient art form for modern audiences and her own personal tastes.

Gayle McMeekin

Gayle McMeekin is a watercolor artist who excels particularly well in capturing the simple elegance of floral displays in her watercolor paintings. Gayle is an advocate for persistence in one’s work, because we all start somewhere and can only advance with dedication and passion for the art form..

Marcus Moller

A professional pastel artist, Marcus Moller has been teaching generations of budding artists for many years. You’ll be inspired by his straightforward teaching methods—suited to both beginners and advanced artists—and his soft and lovely pastel landscapes, which he shares with you right here on Brushstrokes.TV.

Julia Morrill

Julia Morrill has been painting for many, many years, and enjoys the challenge of finding her place in both the fine arts world and the arts and crafts world. She makes her beautiful paintings and designs available in a variety of consumer-friendly products, which can be viewed at her website: www.zazzle.com/julia_art.

Laura Quiggan

Laura studied at the West Sussex College of Art and Design for four years and likes nothing more than a weekend at the easel getting messy. She has worked with Ashdown for more than seven years as an editor and is now also presenting for Brushstrokes.TV--the first national IPTV art channel.

Paul Ranson

The lovely Paul Ranson will capture your heart and your imagination. As certified Bob Ross Instructors, he and partner Terri run courses in step-by-step painting using the Bob Ross technique, in a fun and friendly environment. Learn more at www.paulandterri.co.uk.

Julie Schroeder

Julie’s younger days in Canada were spent surrounded by the beauty of nature, and the soft colors and flowing lines of the world around her trained her artist’s eye for a future career in watercolors. With an undergraduate degree in art and a higher degree in teacher training, Julie has experience in teaching watercolor painting to all skill levels.

Tammy Schneider

Tammy has been an artist all her life and credits her mother with helping hone her skills. Her ability to capture real life and put it in a drawing or a painting is what she calls a "God-given" talent. Her remarkable work is featured in company murals throughout communities in Southeastern Minnesota and she sells much of her work on the local level. Give her a picture and watch her capture it from an artist's point of view.

Linda Thorson

Linda has worked on commissioned art projects for private and corporate clients and has created an on-going reference file for her drawings and paintings. The spiritual component to Linda's paintings is at the core of her art. The process of painting becomes one of self-discovery, focus, and growth. She does extraordinary work in a number of mediums including watercolor.

Linda VanLear

Linda VanLear is an artist of many mediums, including not only acrylic and watercolor painting, but also jewelry and wirework designs. Linda is inspired by the simple beauty and color of the southern United States, and she is active in her local arts community in both Minnesota and Texas.

Al Waggie

Al Waggie hails from a gorgeous region of central Minnesota, and he excels in capturing the natural beauty in his realistic oil landscapes. He has commissioned many wildlife portraits as well, and particularly enjoys painting the national bald eagle. View more of his work at www.alwaggie.com.


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