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Channel: Materials and Techniques

Fillet Framing

Join Barbara Bruns in her professional framing shop for a lesson on fillet framing, which can add an element of interest and depth to your framed pieces.


A Lesson on Mats

With so many different types, qualities, and prices of mats on the market today, which one should you use for your specific framing project? Barb Bruns shares some insight.


Preparing Masonite for Painting

Masonite is an inexpensive alternative to canvases. Linda VanLear shows us how simple it is to prepare it for painting with just a few coats of gesso.


Perspective: Reviewing

In the fourth and final episode of this series on painting and drawing perspective, Linda recaps the topic with a look at some of her own work.


Perspective: Painting & Colors

In the third episode, Linda discusses the painting stage. Take special care in the mixing of your acrylics to achieve the colors from your source photos.


Perspective: Drawing Stage

In the second episode, Linda discusses how to begin your painting with drawing. This is a calculation-heavy process so take care with your measurements.


Perspective: Vanishing Points

In the first episode of this introductory series, Linda discusses the importance of vanishing points and demonstrates some basic drawing techniques.


Are You Passionate About The Arts?

Welcome to Brushstrokes.TV, your home for everything in the fine arts. Sign up for hundreds of demonstrations on everything from watercolors to encaustics.


Color Balance Exercise: Episode 2

Practice the art of composition with Dick Graves. He demonstrates an exercise in drawing, focal points, color balancing, and underpainting.


Color Balance Exercise: Episode 1

Practice the art of composition with Dick Graves. He demonstrates an exercise in drawing, focal points, color balancing, and underpainting.


Drawing an Eye

The eyes are quite literally the focus of the face, and thus the focus of any portrait. Caitlin shows you step-by-step how to draw one for ultimate realism.


Part of a series

Framing Basics

Framing your masterpiece can be an important element to the artwork itself. Professional framer Barb Bruns walks you through the basics of framing.


Part of a series

Pastel Still Life: Episode 1

Barb Bruns visits the Brushstrokes.TV studio to give us a lesson on pastel drawing using soft pastels. Follow along as she creates a beautiful still life.


Part of a series

Matted Framing on an Oil Painting

Barb Bruns will show us the detailed process of custom framing an oil painting, from cutting the matt, mounting, and assembling the frame.


Part of a series

Framing: Home vs. Professional

A magnificent work of art needs an equally magnificent frame. Barb Bruns discusses the pros and cons of home framing and professional framing.


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Mounting and Matting a Print

Barb Bruns shows you how to cut a matte and mount a print for framing. Here she prepares a print by Al Waggie, a regular on Brushstrokes.TV.


Plein Air Painting Gear

Joan Finnegan, an artist who specializes in plein air painting, discusses the various gear and tools you will need to practice your own outdoor painting.


Part of a series

Wildlife Painting Techniques

In completing his series on painting wildlife, Al offers techniques to use when painting elements like feathers, reflections, and shadows in animals.


Painting a Landscape for Beginners

Try your hand at oil painting with Al Waggie. Al walks you through each crucial step of working with oil paintings, and you'll end up with a beautiful landscape.


Using a Palette Knife

A standard palette knife for oil and acrylic can also be a useful tool for watercolor. Julie shows us how it can be used to manipulate the paint and create texture.


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