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Channel: Meet the Artist

The Ink Leaves My Tracks

Meet Dee Teller, an internationally-recognized artist known for her award-winning Asian brush painting and calligraphy. She shares her story with us here.


Meet Linda VanLear

Meet Linda VanLear, an artist of many mediums including jewelry, claywork, acrylic painting, and watercolors. Bailey gets to know Linda here.


Meet Barbara Bruns

Barbara Bruns of Barb's Custom Framing balances her meticulous left brain and her creative right brain on a daily basis as a professional framer and artist.


Meet Joan Finnegan

Bailey Miller has the opportunity to sit down with Joan Finnegan to discuss her life and her artistic aptitude for painting the great outdoors en plen air.


Brushstrokes.TV Blooper Reel

Join us as we laugh at ourselves! We may be experts here, but we still make mistakes! And we have a lot of fun making them here at Brushstrokes.TV!


Meet Julia Morrill

Chris Christensen sits down with artist Julia Morrill in her home. They discuss her many art forms as well as her family and inspiration.


Meet Al Waggie

Bailey Miller sits with Al Waggie in the Brushstrokes.TV studio to find out where he finds his inspiration in the oil painting process.


Meet Margaret Berry

Kelly Rud sits down with Margaret Berry on the Brushstrokes couch, they talk life, art and of course Encaustics in this interview.


Meet Karen LeQuia

Meet Karen LeQuia and learn about sumi-e, her preferred style of painting. In this chat, you can learn where she draws her inspiration.


Meet Jeff Bolin

Jeff Bolin is an artist in the truest sense of the word, particularly in oil and acrylic painting. Bailey Miller gets to know him here.


Meet Sonny Williams

Ever looked into the back of a spoon? Sonny Williams shows off some of his extraordinary work of art and shows a different side to portrait painting.


Meet Gayle Dahl

Gayle is a fun an outgoing artist who loves to put a smile on your face. Get to know her a little better in this program!


Meet Brittany Krebs

She is a young artist with a penchant for character drawing. Betsy Singer has the opportunity to speak with Brittany Krebs and show us her cartoon illustrations.


Meet Mary Singer

She considers herself a realist and you can see it in her art. Meet Mary Singer, hear her motivation, and see her paintings through her eyes.


Meet Gayle McMeekin

Artist Gayle McMeekin admits to something many might not in this interview; the truth about when and why she first started painting with watercolors.


Meet Linda Thorson

She is an incredible watercolor artist; hear more about Linda Thorson's background and what inspires her as she chats with Betsy about her life in art.


Meet Julie Schroeder

Not only is Julie Schroeder a Brushstrokes star, she is also a master watercolor artist, exhibits in galleries and sells her art nationwide.


Architect and Artist

Neil Holland talks about his life as an architect and artist in Arundel, with stunning examples of his watercolor paintings of beautiful, local landscapes.


The Paintings of Two Peters

Laura visits West Dean College in Sussex for the opening of a dramatic new exhibition, featuring the work of artists and old friends - the two Peters!


Meet Tammy Schneider

Take a look inside Tammy Schneider's church to see one of her masterpieces in this enlightening interview, hosted by Betsy Singer of Brushstrokes.TV.


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