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Channel: Sketchbooks

Tammy's Sketchbook

Follow along as we take a tour through one of Tammy's old sketchbooks and learn some great ideas along the way. Mary Mehrkens hosts.


Julie Schroeder's Sketchbook

It's a blast from the past for Julie as she shares one of her earliest sketchbooks. Take inspiration from this lovely sketchbook.


Jane Denman's Sketchbook

We enjoy a revealing flip through Jane Denman's sketchbooks, as she chats with Laura about what compels her to keep looking and recording ideas.


Part of a series

Stephen Hawkins' Sketchbook

Stephen Hawkins brings his sketchbooks along to the studio to talk about their progression over time and the landscapes he loves near his home.


Peter Ward's Sketchbook

A flip through Peter Ward's sketchbooks and journals, reveal how he records hoildays, interests and the events of his life through art and notation.



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